Timetravel to old Irland

  • Brewmaster takes you to the middle Ireland of the 17th century, to be precise, to the year 1628. 

    n Monaghan lives a certain Donovan O’Connely from the house of Ó Coingheallaigh, a venerable family of brewers. Donovan learns the craft of beer brewing at a young age. He has been guarding the unique recipe for decades! His recipe for success makes the brewery the largest and best in Central Ireland.

Keeper of the perfect brewing formula


Keeper of the formula

The reason for this is not only O’Connelly’s hard work, but also an old family secret: the perfect brewing recipe. They say it’s the best in the world. Since the brewer is now old and has no descendants, he wants to hand over the company and its secret to a worthy successor. What is clear to him is:  Whoever it will be, must prove himself by courage, wit, dexterity and a certain drinking resistance.

Adventure on the way to the brewmaster’s title

Now it’s your turn! In the hunt for the perfect brewing recipe and the title “Venerable Brewery Master of Monaghan” there are many tasks to be accomplished. You have to prove yourself in duels, master tricky questions and tasks of your team- mates with flying colors, look deep into the glass a few times in between and compete against the devious Irish leprechaun until you succeed: You take on the role of the Brewmaster and have the important cards in hand: “barley” and “hops.”

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