Become the greatest brewer of all time!

Bold duels, adventurous brews and a devious leprechaun who only makes trouble:
As aspiring brewers, you have to overcome many obstacles in this hunt for the legendary brewing recipe.
But make sure that hops and barley don’t get lost!

Are you ready?!

Zutaten Trinkspiel Brewmaster

The party drink game with the best ingredients!

If ” beer pong” is too monotonous, “ring of fire” too old school and a traditional board game too little fun, the “Brewmaster” is the best of all worlds. An exciting hunt for the legendary brewing recipe, varied activities and good drinking occasions – all to spend a great evening with up to eight friends.
At home, at the festival or wherever you meet, anyone who wants to drink has to play!

The perfect brewing recipe is the key!

According to the well-known purity law, beer may only be brewed with pure ingredients. For our game “Brewmaster” we also used only the best ingredients: action, wit, strategy, skill and, of course, the chance to use the liquid to quench your thirst. 


The story of Brewmaster takes you to a European beer stronghold, to the Ireland of the 17th century. Brewmaster Donovan O’Connely from Monaghan is looking for a successor for his successful family brewery. Only those who are distinguished by wit, drive and drinking resistance can overcome the devious leprechaun and other adversities to become the “Venerable Brewmaster of Monaghan.”

We need your support!

Behind our game “Brewmaster” is not a big company, but “just” a big idea: The three of us had the vision to develop the best party drinking game in the world.
We need your help for the implementation and further development! On this page we regularly inform you about the progress of “Brewmaster.” With a crowdfunding campaign, we want to raise the necessary funds to ensure that the game is not only a prototype, but can actually see the light of day!